VM recently expanded its practice to meet the needs of it’s international clients who travel to the United States for reproductive services. Clients whose children are born in the United States are U.S. citizens upon birth. VM assists international clients to obtain birth certificates and United States passports for their children. VM also assists international couples with the registration process in their home country, either through the local consulate (Consular birth registration), or directly in their home country. This allows our international clients to either establish dual citizenship, or at least local government recognition of their foreign born children, to obtain the medical, educational and socialĀ  benefits afforded to all citizens of their country. As a part of that process VM assists clients in obtaining certified copies of Judgments, certified translations, and Apostilles. As a part of the family law practice, VM also assists clients seeking to obtain spouse/fiancee visas, H-2B temporary worker visas, and student visas, either through one of our attorneys, or through reliable referrals to localĀ  immigration experts.