Given the seemingly limitless range of litigation claims that can occur in the life of any individual or business, we offer our clients a full range of legal services to avoid the need to retain multiple law firms to handle their needs, with the expertise to resolve a wide array of issues including securities, commercial collections, breach of contract, unfair competition, copyright, trademark, and patent matters, employment law and wrongful termination/harassment issues, discrimination matters, administrative hearings, as well as personal matter arising from marital and non-marital matters and criminal problems. We also provide our clients with services related to real estate transactional matters, entertainment, business formation and dissolution, including incorporations and partnerships, and render advice on all aspects of business operations.


We offer full service legal representation to couples seeking to avail themselves of third party reproductive technology; surrogates and egg donors for contract review; individuals experiencing insurance coverage disputes involving third party reproduction; and physicians for consultation and practice review. Our services include consultation, negotiation of contracts and finalization of parental rights. Collectively our attorneys are more experienced than any other law firm practicing in the field of third party reproduction, and are well versed in all current aspects of third party reproductive technology including Artificial Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization, Egg Donation, and Surrogacy issues.


VM offers legal representation for all facets of family law including surrogacy and egg donation litigation; marital and non-marital transactions; divorce; pre and post nuptial agreements; mediated dissolutions; spousal and child support disputes; restraining orders; interstate and international custody and family law problems; and complex family litigation. Our attorneys also offer clients pre-marital and estate planning advice to preserve the identity of separate property and avoid the unwanted commingling of assets before or after marriage, as well as protect our client’s financial and business interests by vigilantly and aggressively overseeing business valuations, stock redemptions, and pension distributions.


Our clients receive the benefits of a full service law firm capable of tendering and litigating insurance coverage claims. We have handled coverage issues for all types of liability: toxic substances; professional liability; commercial general liability; directors and officers; and ERISA claims, as well as defended numerous small business and individuals against claims of discrimination, defamation, slander, sexual harassment; unfair business practices; and wrongful termination.


VM offers sophisticated legal and business expertise vital to both large and small business entities, and individuals alike. Our attorneys help and advise clients to achieve their objectives; assess benefits and risks; develop corporate and strategic plans; adhere to fiduciary and shareholder responsibilities; and close transactions in a timely and profitable manner, all of which are necessary in today’s competitive and heavily regulated marketplace.

Our past clients have included both domestic and international private companies ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to mature ongoing concerns. VM currently represents numerous corporations, LLCs, LLPs and business partners operating within a wide array of sectors including technology, e-commerce, retail, restaurants and other service sectors.


VM regularly defends and litigates professional liability claims involving attorneys, medical professionals, insurance agents, architects, and engineers. Our attorneys have worked on the professional liability and insurance coverage aspects in Estate of Howard Hughes vs. Davis & Cox; Twilight Zone litigation; and on behalf of the Resolution Trust Corporation for the State of California. More importantly VM offers advise and legal assistance to professionals regarding the practice and management of their business, reviews and drafts contracts, waivers, releases and consents to avoid and prevent future litigation.


Our past litigation experience, coupled with the fact that Mr. Masserman is a licensed California Broker, makes VM especially qualified to handle all of our client’s real estate needs. VM has represented commercial and residential owners and builders in a wide array of cases including issues of breach of contract, fraud, non-disclosure of defects in home purchases, boundary line and land use issues, mold contamination, home owner association disputes, title insurance, building and construction defects, and foreclosures. VM also has vast experience on matters pertaining to rights to possess, use, and enjoy land and the permanent manmade additions attached to it, real property interests, permissible interests in real property, relations between owners, landlord and tenant relations, the transfer of interests in real property, and real property financing, including deeds and mortgages.


VM recently expanded its practice to meet the needs of business owners and individuals in the arena of immigration. Our attorneys keep pace with the ever changing immigration laws and can render advice and assistance to clients seeking work visas, spouse/fiancee visas, H-2A agriculture visas, H-2B temporary worker visas, student visas, travel visas and all other immigrant visas. We also offer legal assistance for employers and individuals seeking legal entrance into the United States, or the right to remain in the United States legally, via applications for residency, naturalization, amnesty, asylum, green cards or citizenship.


VM has extensive experience representing clients in wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, federal civil rights, drug testing, polygraph issues and other employment related matters. Our employment law practice also encompasses representation of clients in administrative proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Fair Employment and Housing, The California Labor Commission, the Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board and the Alcohol & Beverage Commission.


VM provides various intellectual property legal services such as patent searches, patent applications, trademark searches, and trademark applications. Our offices also provide our clients with legal guidance involving descriptive trademarks, generic trademarks, suggestive trademarks, arbitrary trademarks, and coined terms. We also help stop others from using our client’s trademarks without their authorization. For clients offering creative work, such as software, art, novels, scripts, music or performance art, VM can help secure a copyright to protect their work.


Our lawyers have experience ranging from negotiating and mediating labor and union disputes, collective bargaining agreements with IATSE, and “pay or play” agreements, to option agreements with actors, screen writers and producers and product placement deals. Our attorneys also negotiate, draft and review written memorandums, agreements and contracts for studios, producers and talent pertaining to the production and distribution of motion pictures, television shows, on air reality shows, and radio shows. In addition to actors and on air talent, VM also has represented both models and modeling agencies for print advertising. Our background in Intellectual Property also makes VM uniquely qualified to secure intellectual property rights such as Copyrights and Trademarks for the entertainment industry.



It is VM’s goal to continue to provide vigorous and effective legal services and pay close, personal attention to our clients’ needs. Our clients receive the benefits of our substantial and diverse expertise in handling complex legal issues within our areas of practice. We establish close working relationships with our clients and thereby gain an in depth understanding of each client’s business and /or personal needs. We have built a well deserved reputation for protecting client’s interests. Legal services are provided in an efficient, cost effective manner, and we take pride in our reputation for integrity and excellence.